Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

In 1913, Franz Josef sent Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand to Sarajevo, Bosnia, to observe military manoeuvres. Ferdinand went with his wife, Sophie the Duchess of Herenberg. His objective in Serbia made the members of the Black Hand-a secret military society formed by conspirators-think that Austria thought Serbia was an inferior nation. This pushed the conspirators-seven of them-to plan for the assassination of Austria’s archduke, Franz Ferdinand. The plan was led by twenty year old Gavrilo Princip.

On the 28 June 1914, Franz and his wife drove down the main road of Sarajevo, near Appel Quay. Oskar Potiorek, the Austrian Governor of Bosnia, sat in front. One of the conspirators attempted to throw a bomb inside the vehicle, but missed. The three in the vehicle drove off, planning on returning home by way of a different route. No one told the driver the routes had changed, so he stopped to pullover. At that moment on Franz Josef Street, next to the Schillers Grocery Store, Gavrilo Princip showed up coincidentally. He shot Ferdinand, killing him. Then, attempting to shoot Potiorek, he accidentally shot Sophie. He was then arrested. After this, Austria declared war on Bosnia-acting as a cause of world war one.
There is a conspiracy theory that the driver was a member of the Black Hand, and intentionally stopped at Franz Josef Street on purposely, and that Princip’s arrival there at the same time as theirs was not a coincident.

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