Pandora’s box

The cause of all evil being in the world began with Permethius stealing the element of fire from the Gods. Permethius gave the fire to mankind, his creation. As a punishment, Zeus tied Perrmethius to a cliff, where a eagle came every morning to devour his liver, and by night his liver healed, only for the eagle to feat on it again. This was not a good enough punishment for Zeus, so he decided to punish Permithius’s creation to, mankind.

Zeus demanded Hephaestus to create a beautiful woman unresistful to all men and Gods. Once he finished, he gave her to Zeus and called her Pandora. She was gifted with curiosity by Hera, and was sent down to earth with Epimetheus, who made her his bride. Hermes gave her a box with a golden key. She was told never to open this box. It contained unspeakable evil. One day, Pandora could not contain her curiosity and felt it impossible to remove her eyes from the box. She was so eager to know what was inside, she opened it with the key that hung around her neck. A hissing sound came when she opened it and a wretched odor, she quickly closed it. She realized what was in it, and found out she was only a pawn in Zeus’s game.

Plague, famine, jealousy, hate, all spread across the world. Pandora felt like she was responsible, so she opened the box once more. But something beautiful and warm surrounded Pandora’s presence. It was hope, the only good thing Zeus left behind in the box. Hope spread along with evil. Pandora was a symbol to the ancient Greeks, saying that sometimes things should be left unknown, and that curiosity can be dangerous.

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