Harlem Hellfighters

The Harlem Hellfighters were a Regiment of decorated African American soldiers. They fought during World War One, and were extremely determined to fight for their country, and were very good at it. Yet when they came home they had to face racism and hate. When they were sent over seas, they had no idea what they were going to fight or collect wood, work the coal of the ships, clean ect. Eventually, they were given to the French by the Americans, in order to get rid of them. The Americans sent the French a memorandum, telling them not to give the Hellfighters notion that they were equal to other human beings, because they did not want them to come back to America and demand for equality.

  One of the greatest soldiers was Henry Johnson. He was sent out to man a post with another Harlem Hellfighters Needham Roberts. Roberts heard wires cut, and a group of German soldiers attacked. Roberts was fatally injured and was unable to fight, leaving Johnson to fight them off himself. He accidentally put a French cartridge into his American gun, making it jammed. Unable to fire his gun, Johnson used it as a club and fought with a knife. He ended up making the Germans run away in fear. The very next day people realized how great this act was. Four German bodies were found, but by the looks of the equipment left


behind, thirty Germans attacked. The French rewarded him with an award, but the Americans gave him the legion of merits thirty years later. When he came back home to America, he was still injured. It did not say that he was injured in his report. No soldiers or government looked after him, so he died on July 1 1929 a poor man. Bud he is remembered for his decoration and determination as a soldier nowadays.

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