The Great Depression

America was devastated when the stock market crashed in 1929. Due to this incident, 6000 banks went out of business. 13 Million people were left unemployed. 40000 family farms were repossessed by the bank. 2600 schools were closed. Admissions to State mental hospitals went up 300 percent, and suicides went up by 30 percent. 2 million men became homeless, wandering the country aimlessly. Drought in the great pains caused crops to die, and enormous dust storms chocked towns, buried farms, which all lead to farmers to look for jobs somewhere else. I may seem that conditions were worse in the country, but they were worse ion the city. Homeless people built houses from whatever they could find. The Prohibition Era was also taking place during the Great Depression.

This was certainly a terrible and depressing time for the Americans, but the theatres made them feel better. When people were in the theatre during the Great Depression, they forgot about what was happening to America. They had fun there, swatching dances, plays and so on. Children were alowd, to. But shows end, and eventually they had to go back home and live through these tretchorous years.


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