Apollo 13

On April 11, the mission of Apollo 13 was launched. The mission was to explore the Fra Maura highlands to get geological specimen and to give us advanced knowledge of the lu landscape. Unfortunately, when the crew of Apollo 13 conducted a broadcast on the 13 of April, an explosion took place in the cryogenetic oxygen tank. In order to gain power, the crew had to shut down all the systems, leaving them to face freezing temperatures, Carbon dioxide poisoning, and depleting oxygen. They were forced to rely on their speed master chronographs. They came up with an engenearic plan, which worked perfectley. The capsules splashed into the South Specific Ocean after 142 hours 54 minutes 41 seconds, of the Mission on 17 April.

The mission was successful failure, and signified the power of team work and enginuerty. OInega was given the silver snoopy award in October of 1970.


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