Ötzi-The Iceman

  In 1991, a 5300 year old corpse was found on the alps, who is referred to as Ötzi or iceman. He had been frozen and mummified. This was a very favored discovery for archaeologists, because Ötzi was perfectly preserved. And it helped people to understand human life a lot more. An arrow head jammed in his back suggests that he was murdered. One theory say that he was a shepherd, and was murdered for his sheep. But when two anthropologists and an archaeologist made an exact duplicate of everything Ötzi was carrying (copper ax, flip knife, a quiver of arrows, a flip knife, goat skin leggings, leather shoes, and a woven grass cloak), they put his clothes on one of the anthropologists and all of Ötzi’s stuff, and made him go up the Alps to test how it was like for Ötzi as well as to see the condition of the stuff.

Nowadays, shepherds would use a shovel to clear the snow for the goats to pass, but Ötzi used the copper ax, which was being tested. After finally making it up to the targeted area on the Alps, the anthropologist was exhausted. The duplicate of Ötzi’s shoes were completely worn out and water got through them, but the coat kept him warm as any other winter coat. This tells us that Ötzi was probably not a shepherd, since a shepherd would have tougher shoes that weren’t as delicate. The other main theory states that he got into a fight in the alley, and was wounded. So he fled to the mountain, where he eventually died. His death still remains a mystery, but one day his cause of death will be discovered.

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