Experiments of Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele was a Schutzstuffel officer and physician in the concentration camps during World War II. Nowadays, his nickname is the angel of death, due to his grotesque and inhumane experiments conducted on twins, who were mostly children. He was interested in utilizing twins for medical research through Verschuer, whom Mengele was an assistant to, in order to trace the the origin of various medical diseases. He had been in Candido Gidoi, Brazil, where he had been experimenting with human twins to creat a superior human raced. The normal rate of twins is 1 in 5 there. ‘The more we do to you, the less you seem to know we are doing it.’ Josef Mengele said.

Before experiments fully took place, they would have to fill out forms of information about themselves (age, height echt.), then Mengele would ask more questions. In his experiments, the twins would be forced to strip, and lie next to each other for measurements. Gouts of blood were transfused to one twin to the other. In attempt to fabricate blue eyes, drops of injections or chemicals were put into the Reyes. This often caused severe pain, temporary or permanent blindness. Mysterious injections took place, which caused outrageous pain. Injections into the spine and spinal taps were given with no anesthesia. Diseases such as typhus or turberculosis were given purposely to one twin in order for he or she to die, shortly after the other twin would be killed to compare and examine the effects of the disease.

Without anesthesia, various surgeries took place, such as organ removal, amputation, and castration. Mengeles prison pathologist, Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, performed autopsies on twins whom had purposely been killed during expirements for after death measurements and experiments, and on those who died accidentally. In order to kill the twins, they were often stabbed with a long needle through the heart, then injected with chloroform or phenol, which caused almost immediate death from blood coagulation. Some of the organs, blood samples, eyes, and tissues were sent to Dr. Verschuer.

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