A favorite beast portrayed in greek mythology, is the half-man half-horse creature, the centaur. They inhabit the mountains and forests of Thessaly. They were said to be primal, they were in tribes, living cozy in caves, and to feed them selves, they usually went hunting for wild animals in armor maid out of rocks and branches. There are many origins of the centaur, one of them is that they were the offspring of King Ixion, and they mated with a cloud nymphe, Nephele, who Zeus created in jealousy in likeliness for Hera. Once they spawned centaurs, they left them on mount Pellion, where the daughters of the immortal centaur nursed them. Centaurs were followers of Dionysus, they were often known for being rowdy and boisterous.

The centaurs were invited to their half-brothers wedding, Pirithous, who got very drunk as usual. The centaurs attempted to carry off his bride and other female guests. But coincidently, the hero Theseus was a guest at the event. A battle broke, killing most centaurs. Centaurs were creatures of chaos and barbarism. Their fondness for trouble was portrayed in pottery, myths, stories, and sculptures. Some centaurs acted the way they did under the influence of wine and alcohol, which may have been served as a cautionary tale in ancient Greece. In one instance a tribe residence in the western Peloponnese came into conflict with the hero Hercules, where the centaur Pholos hosted Hercules while he was hunting for the giant boar, one of his required labors. Attracted by the smell of the wine Pholos and Hercules were drinking, other centaurs interrupted the festivities and eventually, spurred on by intoxication attacked Hercules. In the mayhem, Hercules accidentally poisoned Chiron with a poisoned arrow and Pholos was killed after accidentally dropping one on his foot. Here is yet another tale of the centaurs’ over indulgence and the repercussions of wine. While immortal the poison caused Chiron terrible pain and when Hercules asked for the freedom of Prometheus from Zeus he had to make a trade. Chiron volunteered in Prometheus’s place and died free from the pain he suffered.

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