The Blood Countess

The name ‘Blood lady of Cachtice’, so named after her castle in Slovakia, was given to countess Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed. Elizabeth was a Hungarian noble woman. She was said to be very beautiful in her youth, but as time passed and she slowly grew less attractive, she turned to witchcraft to retain her youth. Her assistant, Dorka, informed Elizabeth that she had to bathe in the blood of virgins at the ‘magical hour’ at four o’clock to regain her beauty. After finding out that the remedy did not work, Dorka told her she had to torture the girls to let the blood splash over her face for the spell to work.

Locals girls were abducted, tortured and killed. The village below Elizabeth’s castle were too frightened of her to take action. Her assistants were bought to trial as well as two of her female servants. The assistants were found guilty of torturing 80 young girls. The servants were sentenced to have their finger nails ripped out and then to be burned at the stake. The countess, however, was not convicted or executed because of her lineage. But she was under house arrest in castle Cachtice (her castle) were she was found dead years later.

After her death, she was known as Vlad the impaler and had been called ‘Countess Dracula’, the ‘Blood Countess’  and the like. Elizabeth Bathory was labelled in the Guinness World Record as the most prolific female murderer.

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