Methamphetamine in World War II

Hitler was eager to chase his dreams of winning world war two. He gave his soldiers a pill form of Methamphetamine called Pervitin, so they lose their tiredness and hunger on the battlefields. This would let them travel longer. Pervitin was developed by the Temmler pharmaceutical company, based in Berlin. When it was introduced in 1938, a military doctor, Otto Ranke,

Pervitin tablets

experimented with the pill on ninety college student. When he noticed the effects, he thought it could help the Germans win the war. By 1940, a stimulated decree issued sent more than 35 million tablets of Pervitin to the front lines. They fueled the nazis Blitzkrieg invasion of France through the Ardennes Mountains.

  Germans were not the only ones using drugs during world war two, allied soldiers had also used drugs in the form of Benzedrine to help their ability to fight. People were surprised when they saw Hitler walk into a room looking ten years younger. Of course, it was the effect of Amphetamine. Hitler may not have used Pervitin. It was one of the few substances he took. His physician, Theodore Morell, gave him about 800 shots throughout that year. Morell had also subscribed Hitler  with a bacteria-based medication, for he was suffering from intestinal troubles.

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