The Titanic

It took 3000 people three years to build the ship. It was 882 feet long, it weighed 46000 tons, and the height was 175 feet. The ship had 20 boilers and 162 furnaces, which burned through 650 tons of coal a day, and it’s top speed went 24 knots. In 1912, a first class ticket would cost 46300 dollars, and a third class ticket would cost you 36 dollars. Inside the titanic, people wouldn’t just sit around all day waiting to get to their destination, there was plenty to do. There was a swimming pool, a gym, there where three cigar rooms, a Turkish bath, and a dark photography room.

The Titanic’s first and only voyage was from South Hampton, England on April 10, 1912. The projected arrival was to New York City on April 17, 1912. It was cruising at 22 knots when it hit and ice burg on April 14, 1912, at 11:40 p.m. One major problem was that there were 2200 passengers and crew, and only enough lifeboats for 1178 people. The ice burg cut a hole in

the Titanic ship

the hull between 220 to 245 feet long. It was estimated that water rushed in at 7 tons per second. In less than three hours, the ship sank. 1517 people died. 60 percent survived in first class, 42 percent in second class, in third class 25 percent survived, and less than 25 percent of crew were killed. It sunk 2.3 miles below the oceans surface, at 350 miles Southeast of Newfoundland, Canada.