Madame Delphine Lalaurie.

On 1775, in New Orleans, LA, the most evil woman in New orleans was born. At birth, her name was Marie Delphine Macarty. She had five children, named: Marie Louise Jeanne Blanque, Marie Delphine Francisca Borja, Marie Louise Paline Blanque, Louise Marie Laure Blanque, and Jeanne Pierre Paulin Blanque. She married her first husband on June 11, 1800. He was a Spanish officer named Ramon De Lopez. He died in 1804. She then married her second a husband the same year Ramon died. His name was Jean Blanque. As well as Ramon De Lopez, he died. Nine years after Jeans death, she married a Leonard Louise Nicholas Lalaurie, who was much younger than she was. By 1832, Delphine built a two story house in New Orleans. She lived there with her third husband and daughters. unfortunately, the house caught fire on April 10, 1834.

According to one side of the story, neighbors began getting suspicious, because Delphine was saving her furs and jewels from the fire without the help of her slaves. As soon as she was asked where her black slaves where, she told the neighbors to mind their own business. When suspicion began enchanting the town, a small brigade busted into the Lelaurie mansion. Once they went into the basement, they nearly fainted. They saw black slaves crammed into small cages and pinned to tables. Their where heads of their corpses, finger nails torn off, and some had their intestines tied to their waists like belts. Some had animal feces shoved in their mouthes with their lips sewed together. One woman had her skin peeled into a spiral so she would look like a caterpillar, another had her bones broken and reformed do she would look like a crab. It was the torture chamber of Madame Delphine Lelaurie.

Marie Delphine Lelaurie

Delphine didn’t understand what she did wrong, she thought it was okay to torture black people. By December 7, 1849, she died in Paris. Her death is unknown. But George Washington Cable recounted in 1888, that Lelaurie had died in a boar-hunting accident. But the truth remains unknown.

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