Margaret Thatcher-The Iron Lady

Born on October 13, 1925, in Grantham, Lincolnshire England, her name at birth was Margaret Hilda Roberts. Her parents were Alfred Roberts and Beatrice Ethel Roberts. Mark and Beatrice had two twin grandchildren, Mark and Carol. Margaret Thatcher was the first female prime minister of Great Britain. She was elected prime minister on May 4, 1979. Four years before that, she was elected leader of the conservative party. Her nickname as the Iron Lady, was named after her personal and political toughness. The soviet press came up with it when she gave a speech and lashed out about communism.

Margaret Thatcher was the only prime minister to win three consecutive terms during the twentieth-century in Britain. During her time as prime minister, she emphasized the rights to an individual versus that of the state, moral absolutism and nationalism. Unemployment raised in Britain in 1986, when in Margaret Thatchers first term reduced many government subsidies to business. Unemployment had reached 3 million. By November 1990, she is forced to be resigned after a leader ship struggle with her party. She retired from public life on March 22, 2002, after a series of small strokes. By August 25, 2004, the Iron Lady passes away, struggling from a stroke.

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