Adolf Hitler, the man known as the most evil person in history, was born in Branau am inn, Austria in April the 20, 1889. His parents were Alois and Klara Hitler, who had six children: Ida, Gustav, Adolf, Otto, Paula and Edmund. However, only one of Hitlers siblings survived during childhood, which was Paula. During childhood Hitler dreamed of becoming an artist. He applied to the Vienna academy of art in 1907 and 1908, yet both times he was denied entrance.

Hitler was heart broken when he found out his mother did in 1908. After that he lived on the streets in Vienna for four years, selling postcards of his art. No one really knows where Hitler picked up his virulent antisemitism. Some say he got it while his stay at Vienna, where its known for its antisemitism, some say it was from the hate from the Jewish doctor who let his mother die. At his attempt to avoid the Austrian army he moved to Munich, Germany in May, 1913.  Although; he volunteered to serve in the German army once world war one began. After undergoing four years in the army, Hitler won two iron crosses for bravery. During his fighting at the army, he was injured twice severely. The first injury was caused by a grenade splinter in 1916. And on October the 13, 1918, he was temporarily blinded from a gas attack. Whilst he was healing from his blindness, the armistice was announced. Hitler was enraged that the German army had surrendered, and felt that Germany had been stabbed in the back by its leaders.

Determined to enter politics, Hitler returned to Munich at the end of world war one. In 1919, Hitler became the 55th member of a small antisemitic group called the German Worker’s Party. later, Hitler became the party’s leader. After some time he began giving public speeches which gave him financial support, attention, and followers. Hitler was sentenced to prison for five years after a failed attempt to take over the German government through a coup, named the Beer Hall Putsch. After being caught and given his sentence, it turned out he only spent nine months in prison. Whilst his stay in there, he wrote a book called Mein Kampf (my struggle).  After his release, he was determined to build up the Nazi Party and take over the government, but this time using legal means.

By 1932, Adolf Hitler was granted German citizenship. On July 1932 elections, the Nazi Party got 37.3 percent for the Reichstag, making it the controlling political party in Germany. Hitler became Chancellor on January 30, 1933. With this high ranking position, Hitler used it to gain power over Germany. Hitlers dream to take over Germany soon came true when President of Germany Paul Von Hindenburg, died in office on August 2, 1934. Hitler then took the title Fulter and Reichskanzler. As dictator of Germany, Hitler wanted to increase and strengthen the German army as well as expand Germany’s territory. Although these things broke the terms of the Versailles Treaty the treaty that officially ended World War I, other countries allowed him to do so. Since the terms of the Versailles Treaty had been harsh, other countries found it easier to be lenient than risk another bloody European war. Without firing a single shot Hitler was able to to annex Austria into German, in March 1938. On March 1, 1939, Nazi Germany attacked Poland and the other European nations could no longer stand by idly. World war two had began.

On July 20, 1944, it was July plot. That July was named because it was the month Hitler nearly got assassinated and barely survived. One of his top military men had placed a suitcase bomb under the table at one of Hitlers conference meetings at Hitlers Wolf Lair. The table leg blocked most of the blast, leaving Hitler with only a few injuries arm and minor hearing loss. On April 29, 1945, Hitler married his long-time mistress, Eda Braun. The next day Hitler killed himself with his wife. Officers warned him that Russia was only one or so days away from overtaking the chancellory and urged to escape to Berchtesgarden, Hitler chose suicide.

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