The Prohibition Era

The era in which people began getting inpatient , violent and even dying, began on the 16 of January 1920. The 18 amendment outlawed the manufacture, transportation of liquor. Alcohol had apparently become Americas worst curse. It was believed that banning it would strengthen families, stop crime, and even improve the national character. It was noticed that the ban had actually been bad for the economy. Thousands of jobs were lost when breweries, saloons and distilleries got shut down. Restaurants started closing down because people wouldn’t want to have dinner with the lack of booze. The federal government lost 11 million dollars on excise tax renewal, and it costed more than 300 million dollars to enforce the ban.

It was never illegal to consume alcohol, only to make it and sell it. As people went insane and impatient for booze, they started buying bootleg liquor. It was very illegal, and it was bad quality and sometimes dangerous. More than 100 thousand Americans died a year from drinking tainted liquor. And instead of crime rates going down, they went up. El Capone got 6o million dollars a year from his bootleg operation. Police officers were constantly lucratively bribed by people like El Capone to stay out of their way.

By the end of the 1920s, Americans lost their tolerance because of the prohibition. By 1933 President Franklin D. Rosevelt won the presidency for his platform that pledged the end of prohibition. During that same year, the 21 amendment was repealed, and it was the first amendment in the US to ever be repealed. By 1937: the prohibition ends in North Carolina, by 1948 the prohibition ends in Kansas, and by 1966 the prohibition ended all over the US.

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