The Lost City of Atlantis.

Plato’s dialogues were said to have been written in 360 B.C.  They described a city bigger than Libya and Asia minor combined. It was said to have been located at the Atlantic just beyond the pillars of Hercules, generally assumed to be Strait of Gibraltar. But many other locations have been proposed. The lost city was protected by Posieden, who made his son Atlas, the king of the city and what surrounded it. As the Atlanteans  got more powerful, their ethics decreased. Their armies seized Europe as far as Tyrrhenian and Africa as far as Egypt, before being drawn back by an Athenian-led alliance. But this didn’t last long at all. As a punishment, a plague of earthquakes and floods came across the city, and it sunk in muddy sea.

The great philosopher didn’t just make the story of Atlantis up. He heard it from his grandfather, who heard it from the Athenian statesman solon, who had heard from an Egyptian priestess. On some occasions historians and archaeologists find evidence relating to Atlantis. Like a suspicious rock formation in the Bahamas. More books have been written on Atlantis than any other topic, but who will solve the mystery of Atlantis.

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