Prometheus the Cyclopes

According to Greek mythology, back in the Odyssey, all monstrous creatures were banned from Earth; except for the cyclopes. As the first three cyclopes’ stuck around, Zeus became proud to call them his favorites. When more cyclopes came around, Zeus gave them land with plenty of food. They lived happy, but any visitors would find it a horror show. They had no government or any laws.

This part of the myth was told by the third-century Alexandrian poet Theocritus. The Greek prince Odysseus; on his way home from the destruction of troy, beached his ship on this land of cyclopes’. Beyond the shore was a cave with a fence around it. Odysseus and his sailing crew went through the open fence with some of their wine to give to the owners of the cave in return for hospitality. Instead of getting a hospitality, a giant men with one eye took two the men and smashed their brains against the walls of the caves, and ate them (horror show, i told you). The cyclopes; Prometheus, pushed a big stone over the exit of the cave. The men gave him the wine, bringing him into a drunken stupor and later on unconsciousness. Whilst Prometheus slept, the men sharpen a long piece of wood, making a stake. They heated the tip over a fire, and when the beast woke up, the pierced his single eye with it. As he struggles in his blindness, he opens the door to the cave. The men sail away on their boat, leaving Prometheus to sit on the shore, helpless.

In another tale of Prometheus; this one written by the satirist Lucian in the second century A.D., he somehow has his sight back. Perhaps it is given back to him by his father, who, in this tail, is Poseidon, God of the seas. Prometheus was in love with a sea nymph named Galatea. In the songs he sang about her, he described her as having white, milky skin. On the bright side he is not so much of a monster in this myth due to his affectionate feelings for the nymph, but unfortunately, Galatea has no feelings for him; but thinks he is a disgusting beast. However; in another myth, Galatea becomes a little less colder when she reminds herself that Prometheus is the son of Poseidon, and should not be treated like a savage. Much later, she falls in love with Prince Acris, who Prometheus kills out of jealousy. Unfortunately for Prometheus, Acris got the upper hand by reincarnating into a river god.

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