Hades, the ruthless God of the underworld, was so feared no one would speak of his name. His myth showed how Ancient Greeks viewed death. No matter how good you were, you went to the underworld. For the Greeks, it was heaven, hell, and limbo combined. The majority of souls would wander aimlessly into a grey space, but this was only the first level of Hades, Asphodel. The second level was where the really bad people went where those who disrespected Gods went. It was known as Tartarus, where eternal torment of suffering took place, and where a river of flames streamed through. The third level was for the few fortunate souls who were mostly famous and glorified, it was a paradise.

In the myth, Persephanie was picking flowers in a field, when the ground began cracking open she fell in. It was Hades who had abducted her to the underworld to be his wife. However; she was not forgotten. Her mother was Demeter, Goddess of harvest and agriculture. She could tear the earth in half if she wanted to. Demeter went looking for her daughter everywhere, but as she was gone she had forgotten about giving fertility to the world, so everything began getting withered and cold. It was actually believed that the cycle of seasons broke when she was on her search for her daughter. The Gods then demanded Hades to return Persephanie to the world, but he had a trick in mind. Hades offered her a pomegranate, she excepted without knowing that if she ate the fruit from the underworld, she would immediately become part of it.

Persephanie now had to stay in the underground for three months in every year, one year for each seed she ate, and the rest of the year she was aloud to stay with her mother on the world. When she was in the underworld for three months, it would be winter, and the rest of the time when she would be with her mother it would be spring or summer.

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