The Mayan’s end of the world prediction.

In the rainforests of Central America, a calendar made by the ancient Mayan civilization predicted the end of the world. It flourished in the rainforests for about 2000 years until its unexplained collapse in 900 ce. The lunar month lasts 29.5305 days (2551435 seconds). Without the help of computers or telescopes, Mayans calculated a figure only 34 seconds out of it’s count of over 2.5 million seconds. They have also accurately forecasted the movement of planets including Jupiter and mars, and the occurrence of both solar and lunar eclipses for many centuries to come. With these precise predictions, doomsday theorists were shocked that the Mayan ‘Long Count’ calendar, seemed to end on a date they recorded as This matched 21 December 2012 on the Georgian calendar which we use nowadays.

There is only one clue found to what the Mayans believed would happen on that day. This clue is an ancient tablet found during road work in Mexico in the 1960s. On it, Hieroglyphics that refers to the year 2012, is engraved upon it. It also says it will be an event which involves Bolon Yokte, the Mayan God of war and creation. The last part of the tablet is unreadable due to a crack on the stone. But Mexican archaeologists have interpreted that it says: ‘He will descend from the sky’. 

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