The story of Anne Frank

On June 12 1929, a Jewish girl named Anne frank was born in Frankfort, Germany. Her parents were Otto and Edith Frank, she also had a sister, Margot Frank, who three seniors older than her. As the years went by, the Frank family decided to flee when they heard the horrible news about Hitler becoming the Chancellor of Germany in January 20 1933. They escaped their beloved country to Amsterdam. After years of continuing anti-semitism in Germany, they were relieved to feel freedom again in Amsterdam. Things began running smoothly for the Franks. Anne started Amsterdam’s sixth Montessori school year in 1934. She had many friends there and was a bright student. As the 1930s went by, Anne Frank lived a pretty happy life and a normal child-hood. Tragically, the happy life style ended on September 1 1939. Nazi Germany invaded Poland, causing a global conflict that would grow to become world war two. Once the Germans invaded the Netherlands in 1940, they defeated Dutch forces, and the Dutch surrendered in may 15 1940, marking the beginning of the Nazi occupation in the Netherlands. Anne was sent to Jewish school. All jews were forbidden to run any businesses, therefore; Otto left his business in the hands of his two Christian friends, Jo Kleiman and Victor Kugler. On Annes thirteenth birthday on 1942, she was gifted wth a red diary from her parents. Anne’s first entry in the diary was to her imaginary friend, Kitty. It read: “I hope I will be able to confide everything with you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support.”

On July 5 1942, Margot Frank got an official summons to report to a Nazi work camp in Germany. Worried for Margot, the Franks hid in an empty room hidden in the back of Otto’s company building. The family called it the secret Annex. Kleiman and Kugler provided the horrified family with food from the outside world. The Frank Family didn’t take a single step out of the secret Annex for two whole years. To pass the time, Anne Frank wrote entries in her diary everyday. On February the 4 1944, she wrote in her diary: “I hardly care whether I live or die anymore. The world will keep on turning without me, and I can’t do anything to change events anyway.

On August 4 1944, four Dutch Nazis and a secret German officer broke into the Annex, arresting everyone who was in there. The person who gave the Nazis an Anonymous tip is unknown to this day. The residents in the Annex were shipped off to camp Westerbork, in North Eastern Netherlands. They arrived on August 8 1944. It was the last time Otto had the chance to see his daughters and wife again, for men and woman were separated. Several months of hard working at the camp, Anne and her sister were transferred to the Bergen-Belson concentration camp in Germany. Edith was not allowed to come with her two daughters, she had become ill and died on January 6 1945. At Bergen-Belson, Anne and Margot missed their diseased mother, and food was rare and disease was common. After more heavy lifting and hard working, the two girls caught Typhus and it killed them on almost the same, on March 1945. Anne Frank was only fifteen when she died, and one of more than one million Jewish children who died during the Holocaust. Her diary helped many people in the future know more about the Nazis and world war two.








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