In 264 BC, the Gladiatorial games began. During these games professional fighters fought each other for show . Two men would go in a group and attack each other. These fights usually took place in amphitheaters, especially the famous colosseum. They gladiatorial games were most likely introduced from Etruria. They were originally funeral games.

In most of these vicious games, there where 100 couples, but mostly in the imperial games there where 5000 pairs. During the games, the Gladiators where armored differently. For instance, a heavily armored man might compete against a Thracian, who fought with a dagger and small, round shield. Or he might be opposed against a Betiarius, who almost fought nude, and got a net and a trident as his only weapon. And in often events the gladiators were forced to fight wild animals. Once a gladiator is defeated, he would usually be killed by his conquerer, unless the people convey their desire for the defeated gladiator, and wanted him spared.

At first Gladiators were prisoners or slaves where they trained excessively. Some in their depressing time imprisoned, got popularity. Some of the gladiators led by Spartacus took part in the servile war. Soon after, Constantine 1 forbade the gladiatorial games, however; they still went on until AD 405.

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