Tutankhamun was the son of whom was believed as Akhenaten and Kira. He was born in ancient Egypt and grew up to become the twelfth king of the eighteenth dynasty. When he became pharaoh he was only at the age of nine or ten, he married his half sister Ankhesenamun. With his wife he had no children, but two died from miscarriages. The little babies are mummified in coffins in their father’s tomb.

When king Tutankhamun was only nineteen years old, he died. The death of the Pharaoh is an unsolved mystery, but when his body was found in 1922 by Howard Carter, there were many theories. But the two main theories were: he was assassinated by being hit on the skull with a rock or accidentally got hit on the skull, or sprained his ankle whilst falling off his chariot.

During autopsies of his body it was shown that one of his feet was crooked, which supports the chariot theory. It was said it was there during birth. The cause for this was that both his parents were siblings, and Tutankhamun was an incest product.

Many strange series of events occurred shortly after the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb, like when Lord Carnarvon gave Howard Carter money to help his expedition. Seven weeks after the opening of Tut’s tomb Carnarvon got bitten by a mosquito on the cheek and it caught an infection. After his death, his dog howled in the night, and dropped dead. Soon after that event Carter’s dog Susie, was bitten by a snake at his home.

These deaths could have been coincidences, it stays unknown. Who will ever solve the mystery of King Tutankhamun.               

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